No Hero or Heroine is ever meant to Journey alone! If you desire the company & support of like-Hearted Players in the Game, join the Mythic Hearts Guild and gather some Allies!

Are you here to be a Changemaker & Earth Guardian during this Time of Prophecy? Do you know you're here for a reason, and are ready to Level Up and fulfill your Mission? I have been called to create this Guild because shit is getting real on planet Earth right now and us Players need to stick together! The more we can connect in Community, the faster we can Evolve, Co-Create new systems, and usher in a New Paradigm for Humanity.

The Mythic Hearts Guild is a safe, empowering, vibrant, and fun community for All Members. 

No matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, socioeconomic status, nationality, etc., the Mythic Hearts Guild holds a place for you so long as you are aligned with your Heart. In my own time Playing the Game, I have come to understand that safety in community is only possible if the leaders of the community are in their Integrity. In my Role as The Game Priestess, it is my promise and duty to continuously embody my Truth so that I may be in my Integrity, and create a safe, strong, compassionate, and judgment-free container for you to Remember your Role, Play the Game, and do your Evolutionary work.

Share your EXP, Level Up, and unlock your Powers!

When you Play the Game, you gain Experience (EXP). When you earn enough EXP, you Level Up. And when you Level Up, you unlock your Powers! But Leveling Up isn't easy. This Game on Earth is for Expert Players only. It can be challenging to understand how your EXP is leading to your Level Up — or what the next Level even is. So it's helpful to connect with other Players and learn from their EXP.

I have accumulated a lot of EXP in my time Playing the Game. And I have unlocked many Powers in Leveling Up. One of these Powers is giving channelled guidance to other Players. I combine my gifts of oracular divination and mythic storytelling, along with astrological insight and my deep understanding of shadow work to help you turn your EXP into your Level Up! My voice is highly detoxifying and will accelerate your spiritual Evolution, too.

The Mythic Hearts Guild holds a collective vision for a mHeart-led, Magical, and Just World. A World where everyone is Free to follow their Destiny and Thrive instead of enslaved to old systems and forced to fight to survive.  

It is my hope that I can help as many Players as I can Level Up so they can meet any Challenge the Game throws their way, no matter how impossible it feels. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, lost, and hopeless in this Game. It's in those times that it's more important than ever to remember to Play. Your imagination is the portal to your intuition and your Mythic Heart. Anything is possible when you align with your Heart, and Play — including making magic and miracles, and using your Powers to change the World!


So, will you Play with me?




New Moon & Full Moon Game Sessions

The bi-weekly meetup for the RPG! The Goddess sets the stage on the Game Board, and The Game Priestess channels Awareness and guidance centered around the lunation cycles in the Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) in Vedic Astrology. These cycles activate Chakras in the Collective & Cosmic Energy Bodies, which affects the energy body of every Player.

Game Sessions are on Friday nights PT, but are recorded for Players in other time zones or who otherwise can't make it. Session 0 is recommended viewing for all New Players. 

Exclusive Guild Sidequests

Love the MYTHIC HEARTS art experience on Instagram? Take your Game to the Next Level with bonus channelled content just for Guild Members!

20% off on private Level Up sessions

Feeling disempowered or need a more in-depth Strategy Guide? Connect with the Game Priestess for a one-on-one Level Up session at a reduced rate.

Access to the Guild Discord

The Discord Server is the Mythic Hearts Guild HQ! Connect in Community, forge strong alliances with fellow Players, share your EXP, give and receive support to defeat Bosses, and celebrate your Level Ups!


Please join my mailing list to be appraised of the official guild launch dates!



Session 0: TBA

Session 1: TBA

Session 2: TBA
Session 3: TBA


 By participating in the MYTHIC HEARTS Guild you consent to an acceleration of your Spiritual Evolution.

The Game Priestess is not responsible for the effects this Game has on your life nor the Choices you make using your Free Will as a result of Playing. Please use your Heart to decide if this Game & Guild is for you. 




* Membership is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.

Please be aware that as the Guild evolves, its offerings are subject to change. 

** Early Bird signups are guaranteed $55/month for the entire first year of the Guild.