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Mar 10, 2024 - May 18, 2024

  • 70Days
  • 7Participants


WHEN YOU HEAR THE CALL, BECOME THE ANSWER. ECLIPSE SEASON is nigh... and we are on the precipice of entering into a Stargate of deep Transformation. I'm Serpentine, THE PRIESTESS OF TIME. I am here to hold sacred space and help guide EARTH GUARDIANS through the Timeflow so they can align with their Path of Destiny! Big problems need big solutions, and Earth Guardians are here to think outside the box and show the way into the New Era. Do you hear the Call? If so, this is not a time to let the false Matrix control systems hold you back from your birthright. Do not doubt for a second the importance of your creative and vibrational contributions to the New Earth. You are needed more than ever in the Collective Ascension! Earth Guardian, I know what it's like to feel unsupported, unseen, and alone on the spiritual journey. You deserve a safe space and community care to help you process this profound psychospiritual transformation. With EARTH GUARDIAN ACTIVATION, it is my intention to provide just that! In my container I will help you get to the root of issues that are holding you back from your highest potential and Destiny in this lifetime. I am here to help you step into / level up on the path of your true soul's purpose and embody the Change you wish to see in the World. It is time to come online as a HIGH LEVEL POWER PLAYER in the Great Game. Are you ready? My Astral Ark, The Aquarian Dragon is now boarding, and space for this Journey is limited! B E N E F I T S - 1 digital talisman - 1 weekly zoom (~2 hours) every Sunday with access to replay download. - access to Earth Guardian HQ on Discord with daily updates + integration support from Serpentine and your fellow Earth Guardians. - coupon code for 10% off private session with Serpentine (valid through March 2025) - first 10 Earth Guardians who pay in full at signup will receive a bonus 30 min reading from Serpentine for additional individual guidance!

Energy Exchange

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