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last updated: 09/16/2023

Resonance Quest

When Destiny Calls, Become the Answer

Serpentine Rises

AWARENESS: Serpentine has received The Aquarian Dragon, an Astral Ark capable of transporting Players through Portals into higher vibrational Timelines.


The Portal to the Sacred Timeline of MYTHIC HEARTS, a Magical Role Playing Game of mysterious origin, beckons in the distance. But first, Serpentine must achieve a higher RESONANCE LEVEL (RL) to unlock the stargate — and right now, The Dragon’s RL is far too low!


INTEGRATION:  For every Player that Boards the Ark, Serpentine gains 1 Resonance EXP. It takes 180 Resonance EXP to level up to Resonance Level 1.


CHOICE: Help Serpentine reach RESONANCE LEVEL 1 by following her Twitch channel and joining her Discord! This will help her achieve Twitch Affiliate Status and unlock more features in the Ark so she can find Resonance with more Players.


And If you feel you know other Players who could be in Resonance, spread the word! 


RESULT: The more Players who board the Astral Ark, the closer Serpentine gets to unlocking the Portal to MYTHIC HEARTS and activating the Magical Game System!


Players who assist in this quest will receive in-game rewards upon the completion of the jump into the Sacred Timeline.

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