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The Priestess of Time


Hi, fellow Player! I'm Serpentine, a DJ, oracle, and storyteller here to assist in The Evolution during this transformational Time of Prophecy.


It all started back in 2014 when I got fired from my dream job as an assistant on a TV show, and I experienced a shocking Kundalini Awakening. This rare spiritual phenomenon showed me the true nature of this Holographic Reality and suddenly activated my latent psychic abilitiesHonestly, it was pretty crazy.


For many years after this I underwent deep shamanic initiations -- all the while writing at Cartoon Network by day and honing my spiritual gifts by night. Increasingly, it began to feel like I was living a double life, constantly subjected to mysterious fated events beyond my control...

As time went on, these trials took me to the depths of my Shadow and far reaches of the world. While difficult to bear, they revealed to me the powers of my voice and energy field, which massively detoxify karmas and accelerate spiritual awakening in any person or place I encounter. 

In 2021 I was made Aware of the existence of a mysterious Magical Role Playing Game System called MYTHIC HEARTS.

I was told that I was meant to bring forth this Way of Playing the Great Game, and guide those called to become Players through it as the Priestess of Time.

In 2022, as a testament of my deep spiritual purification and acceptance of my Destiny, I was given the Rainbow Shakti Sword. Wielding this astral sword grants me the power to work directly with the 7 primary chakras in the collective energy body, as I cut out fear and illusion to restore clarity and Truth.

With my Heart as my guide, I am now on a Sacred Quest to activate as many Players as possible!


When Players Remember their Power and align with their MYTHIC HEARTS, they can become Earth Guardians and weave a New Myth for Humanity. 


We are meant to come together as One Human Family and triumph over the old, fear-based systems leading us on a path of Extinction, and fulfill our Evolutionary Destiny. 

I am calling all those who seek to become Earth Guardians to Journey with me through this Time of Prophecy and join me on my Sacred Quest to activate Mythic Hearts so we may co-create a New Golden Age together!

Would you like to join the Adventure?

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