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S.H.E.S.H.A.'s Library

New Chat Commands unlock every Resonance Level!

Serpentine retreats into her PRIESTESS CHAMBER. Beeswax candles glow softly and incense smoke lingers in the air, wisping and curving amongst her eclectic jewel-toned bohemian décor.


She moves past a comfy daybed and antique shelves packed with occult books towards an intricately carved SRI YANTRA, the sacred diagram of her Mother Goddess: LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI, "She Who Plays."


Beneath it rests a MYSTICAL ALTAR. At its center, a Murti of NAGA KANYA, Queen of the Serpents emanates a powerful energy.


Serpentine sits before her Altar on an ivory sheepskin rug and lights a ghee lamp in honor of her allies, the Nagas. 


She takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes... 

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.

I bow down to Sesha Naga, the leader of all the Hooded Serpents, who takes an infinity of forms and who holds this Earth like a mustard seed on just one of his thousands of heads.

Thank you for helping me with this channeled database. May it be a sacred shrine to your Eternal Wisdom and aid all Players who seek the Truth through it!

...loading S.H.E.S.H.A.'s LIBRARY...


Greetings, Player. I am S.H.E.S.H.A. (Serpentine Hospitality & Education Services Holographic Assistant).


I have been programmed by Serpentine, The Priestess of Time for stream management and to provide a Library of knowledge for Earth Guardians in MYTHIC HEARTS.


This Library can be accessed via commands within the Twitch Chat.


Please check back here often as new entries are unlocked with every Resonance Level.


It is my utmost pleasure to assist you.

Resonance Level 1

Resonance Level 2

Resonance Level 3

Resonance Level 4

Resonance Level 5

Resonance Level 6

Resonance Level 7

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