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last updated: 09/25/2023

Serpentine streams on Tuesdays & Thursdays, with occasional bonus streams on key astrological dates.

Please check her social media for the latest updates, as energetic fluctuations can cause changes to the Timeflow!

09/29/2023 @ 5PM PT (Friday)

TRANCE-FORMATION: Full Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada

10/03/2023 @ TBD (Tuesday)
TRANCE-FORMATION: Mars in Libra conj. Ketu (part 1)


10/05/2023 @ TBD (Thursday)

TRANCE-FORMATION: Mars in Libra conj. Ketu (part 2)

Please be advised that by boarding The Aquarian Rose and attending TRANCE-FORMATION you consent to a karmic detox and spiritual acceleration.

I am not responsible for the effects my vibration has on your life (your karmas are your own, and your free will is yours alone).

Please use your
Heart Discernment to decide if my channel is for you.
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